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Project Executed

The list of some of the Projects executed in the last few years by Old Boys include:


1. Renovation of the Boarding House (assisted with kind donation of N100,000 by the family of Late Ven. J.O. Lucas).

2. Re-activation of the Water System and restoration of communication services (postal box, telephone, etc) and Electricity.

3. Refurbishment of the school library and stocking with books (kind donation of €1,000 by Late Major J G C Allen).

4. Fortification of the perimeter fence, carving out the premises by Mr. Akintola Williams (1937/38 set).


5. Renovation of 2 blocks of 14 classrooms and equipping with iron seats and desks.

4 classrooms renovation sponsored by family of Late Prof. Toriola Sholanke (1947 Set)

4 classrooms renovation sponsored by family of Late Prof. Ayodele Awojobi (1954 Set)

3 classrooms renovation sponsored by Prof. Jide Ajayi (1954 Set)

1classroom renovation sponsored by Engr. Ayo Sholanke (1958 Set)

1 renovation classrooms sponsored by OGS.

1 classroom renovation sponsored by the Centenary Group (1959 Set)

6. Re-roofing/painting of the General Toilet Block, painting of the Administrative Block and provision of 20 inch Colour TV/VDC for use of boarders in commemoration of 25 years of leaving school- 73/78 Class Set.



7. Re-grassing of football field – OGS Central Exco & the 1956/57 Set.

8. Rehabilitation and equipping of the Science Block.

Physics Laboratory sponsored by Professor A. Adebonojo (1954 Set).

Equipping of Chemistry Laboratory financed by Surveyor Julius Ade Ogunlami (1963 Set)

Rehabilitation of the Science Block and Biology Laboratory. – OGS Central Exco.

9. Purchase of lawnmower for the School.

10. Rehabilitation of the old school gate by St Finbarrs College Road by OGS (with support of a kind donation of N40,000 by Chief G.O.K. Ajayi, SAN)

11. A Computer Laboratory initiated and equipped with 9 computers and furniture – 79 Class set in commemoration of 25 years of leaving school.

12. Donation of 3 sets of computer by 1963 Set, for the Computer Laboratory and administrative use (in commemoration of 40 years of leaving school.

13. Donation of 3 sets of computer for the Computer Laboratory- UK Branch.

14. Donation of 30 Nos.  6-seater Dinning Sets for the Boarding House by Nigerian Breweries Plc courtesy Akin Joaquim (Secretary General OGS)

15. Rehabilitation of the basketball, Handball/Lawn Tennis courts. – Adesanya Gbenga (UK Based)


16. Upgrading of the Toilet Facilities in the boarding House by OGS at the cost of N800,000 with assistance of N300,000 by Mr. Lere Awokoya (1972 set).

17. Donation of a Block of 10 cubicles Bathrooms with 30 Showers for the Boarding House – 1952 Set.

18. Donation of Sharp Air-Conditioner window unit for OGS Secretariat and a split unit in the Principal’s Office. – 1966 Set/Chief Edwin Dike (1966 Set).

19. Re-painting of the School Hall. – 1974 Set.

20. Cash gift of N100,000 for purchase of plastic chairs for the Assembly hall – Dr. Abayomi Ajayi (1978 Set).

21. Donation of 10 Nos. industrial Fans for use in the School Hall – 1973/75 Set.

22. Rehabilitation of the Senior Class Block of 11 classrooms – Completion of project (by 1978 Set) in commemoration of 25 years of leaving school.


23. Donation of 30Nos. Plastic Waste Bins at Strategic locations for effective Waste Management in the School. – 1979/84 Set

24. Construction of a befitting School Gate, Security House with conveniences/landscaping at St Finbarrs Road end. – 73/75 Set.

25. Construction of School Chapel (on-going) by the OGS.

26. Relocation/upgrading of School Library (on-going), 1980/81/82 Sets.


27. Remodeling/modernization of the junior block of Classrooms (Aluminum   window frames, White Marker Boards, Exterior/Interior Painting, Ceiling Fans ) by Akin Joaquim (then Sec. Gen., OGS) and 2007 Graduating year project.

28. Exterior painting of the Boarding House and kerbs for roads median and general landscaping of the premises – Akin Joaquim (Sec. Gen).

29. Donation of 3 personal computers by Mr. Tokunbo Talabi (1980 Set).

30. Donation of a complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica by Chief Akin Disu in commemoration of his 70th Birthday.



31. Improvement of the Senior Block of Classrooms – replacement of doors with durable metal ones, interior and exterior painting, classrooms illumination and provision of white marker boards, and ceiling fans -(1973/78 Set) in commemoration of 30 years of leaving school.

32. Provision of a broad band internet facility for 20 Personal Computers (10 presently in use) and 1 in the teachers Common Room – 1973/78 Set.



33. Installation of the E-Tutor software package in the Computer Room to promote private studies – sponsored by Prof. Deji Femi-Pearse (1951) through donation of N150,000 for promotion and teaching of Science and Technology.

34. Re-electrification of the proto-type block of classrooms by the Celtron Group (Mr. Dapo Adelegan, 1974/79) at cost of N100,000.



35. Donation and installation of the Bishop Kale Memorial Clock in memory Late Rt. Rev. S.I Kale, former Bishop of Lagos and Principal of the school by Elderman Folarin Coker (1941)

36. Terrazzo Floor of the Ven. B.A. Adelaja Hall by the 1958 set, in commemoration of 50years of leaving school.

37. 40 pews donated to the School Chapel by Chief G.O.K Ajayi, SAN (1948 set and past President, OGS).

38. 4 pews donated by Very Revd T.A.J. Oluwole (1950 set) and family.

39. 1 pew donated by Mr. Afolabi Kehinde of the 1959 set

40. 2 pews donated by Mr. J.O. Sodimu of the 1959 set.

41. Wardens’ Marble Stall, donated by Mr. Willie Olabode Fagbile (1959 set)

42. Digital Organ donated by Chief (Dr) Koleade Abayomi, SAN, OON on behalf of the 1959 set in commemoration of 50 years of leaving school.

43. Donation of 4 units of personal computers with internet access and UPS for the school’s Computer Laboratory (by the 1968-72/74 set).

44. Rehabilitation of the internal road network (phase 1) – rehabilitation with paved stones of   road from school hall to the junction by the science block and drive away to the Principal’s office, sponsored by the 73/75 set.

45. Donation of 4 Nos. municipal Waste Bins by 73/75 Set.

46. Interior and exterior painting of the JS 1 Block of classrooms sponsored by Nordica Fertility Centre, Ikoyi (Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, 1978/80 set).

47. General Electrical wiring, replacement of broken louvre blades, painting and installation of 24 Nos. ceiling fans in six classrooms in the senior block (Fajemirokun ), sponsored by 1978/80 set.

48. Book donations to the school library by the 1984 – 86 set.

49. Rehabilitation of the school’s internal road network with interlocking pave-stone (from the Akoka gate entrance to the Babington Macaulay roundabout) by the Central Exco of the OGS.

50. Furnishing of the Five Model Classrooms with imported modern classroom desks and chairs in the JS 2 block to complement earlier renovated works in that block by the UK Branch of the OGS under the chairmanship of Grammarian Kola Akinwale (1979 set) and 4th Vice-President of the OGS.

51. Public address system for the Ven. B.A. Adelaja Hall by the 1954 set.

52. 2 Nos CLEVERBOARD teaching device, complete with Multi-Media projectors and 105” Projection Screen by the 1960 set (Independence set) to mark their 50 years of leaving school.

53. Renovation and re-decoration of the school’s perimeter fence on the Akoka axis of the school by the 1964 set.

54. Donation of complete sets of football jerseys to the school team by the 1993 set.

55. Solar-powered Current inverter and 18 nos ceiling fans for the school’s dining Hall.



56.  Rehabilitation of the School’s Internal Road Network with interlocking pave-stones (from the Bariga “Igbogunnu” Entrance Gate to the T-Junction by the Science Block/Principal’s Office to the T-Junction besides by the Science Block/Principal’s Office) by the 1972 set.

57. Rehabilitation of the School’s Internal Road Network with interlocking pave-stones (from the T-Junction by the Science Block/Principal’s Office to the T-Junction besides by the Science Block/Principal’s Office) by the 1974 set.

58. Rehabilitation of the School’s Internal Road Network with interlocking pave-stones (from T-Junction adjacent to JS 1 Block behind the Science Block up to the Babington Macaulay round about to mark his 50th Birthday Celebration by Mr. Akin Joaquim (1978 set) and 1st Vice-President of the OGS and PTA Chairman of the school.

59. Donation / Installation of Street Lights in the School by the 1961 set to mark 50years of their leaving School.

60. Donation of sets of books for the school library, a multi-media projector to aid TV view and related activities in the boarding house and the school as a whole by the 1984 – 86 set.

61. Official launch of the OGS Website and Social networking site designed, developed and hosted by the 2000 set for the OGS.

62. Replacement of the old louvre-blade windows with sliding aluminum window by OGS UK Branch.



63. Classroom furniture consisting of 120 nos imported modern classroom desks and chairs in four JS 3 classrooms of the school undertaken by Dr. Abayomi Ajayi (MD Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos) 1973-78 set.


64. Donation of N5Million (Five Million Naira Only) by His Excellency, Chief Ernest Shonekan, GCFR, CBE (1954 set) towards the maintenance of Infrastructure in the School.



65. Provision of intercom system for the school by Chief Ayo Adebanjo.

66. Library Renovation/Extension Project by the OGS South-West (Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti and Osun) Branch.

67. Donation of N5Million (Five Million Naira Only) by the 1963 set towards the completion of the Staff Quarters Project to mark 50 years of their leaving School.


68. Donation of a Grand Piano by the 1974/76 set to the School, to mark 40 years of their leaving School.


69. Donation of Ceiling Fans by the 1989 set to mark 25 years of leaving School.


70. Donation of N1Million (One Million Naira only) by Mr. Sam Ikoku (1971 set), on behalf of OGS Abuja, towards the Professionalization of the Secretariat.


71. Presentation of Holy Bibles to the 2014 graduating students (with their names customized on it) by OGS 1994 set to mark 20years of their leaving School.


72. Donation of $15, 000 (Fifteen Thousand Dollars only), as part instalment, by the OGS Americas towards the completion of the Staff Quarters.
Ongoing Developments


  • 9 Flats for Teachers’ Accommodation by OGS and PTA (with 6 flats already completed and occupied).


  • A 25metre by 10 metre Swimming Academy by Elderman Folarin Coker (1941 Set).

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